The Wild Kitchen: Foraging Tips & Tricks for Using Wild Food in Your Kitchen

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This illustrated 16 page booklet is designed as an introduction to using wild plants in your kitchen and home.

Contains basic identification and uses for common British edible wild plants* as well as 16 recipes for using foraged food in your kitchen.


  • Pesto
  • Blaeberry and Lemon Loaf
  • Wild Fritters
  • Dandelion Yorkshire Puddings
  • Elderberry Liqueur
  •  Hawthorne Ketchup
  • Weedy Simply Syrup
  • Mama's Super Magic Cream
  • Meadowsweet Sorbet
  • Gluten Free Soda Bread
  • Wild Green and Cheese Scones
  • Nettle and Ale Bread
  • Wild Mushroom Toasts
  • Sweet Ciceley Ice Cream
  • Pressed Wildflower Cookies

150mmx150mm size.