Slow Cooking Meat Box

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I don't know about you, but as it gets colder and the nights get darker the kind of food I want changes. Gone are the garden salads and grills of summer and in their place comes the slow cooked stews, roasts and pies of late autumn and winter.

This box is a mix of our favourite slow cooking cuts

- Lamb Flank (between 650-750g)- perfect for slow roasting then pulling into tender strips for lancashire hot pot, pie or made into a spicy moroccan tagine.  

- Beef Brisket (roughly 1kg) - so often considered a "poor man's cut" our brisket is aged 30 days and there is nothing poor about it!! Its perfect for a log slow Sunday roast or if you are adventurous, it takes on a new depth in the smoker.


- Lamb Shoulder - the perfect slow cooking cut from the lamb.  I simply put mine in the slowcooker with preserved lemons and thyme. 

- Beef Stewing Steak (1kg) - how do you do yours?  I am partial to steak, ale and mushroom, with lots of rosemary and a flakey rough puff pastry.  My kids like theirs as chilli.

All of our meat is farmed using regenerative practices that actively promote carbon sequestration and prioritise animal well being.  Our meat is the best we've ever had and we are passionate about sharing it with the wider community.  

2% of every sale goes to fund work that supports local food systems.