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Monthly Soap Box Subscription

  • £14.00
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You can also buy a 3 month, pre-paid gift subscription here.

Goats were our first foray into animals larger than chickens. Dasha arrived on our farm with a kid at foot and we learned the ins and outs of milking every day, twice a day, cheesemaking and the joy of goat's milk soap. Dasha is now joined by Ailish and Emmylou, who graze our fields (and any garden they can break into) and produce milk for us every day.

We combine the goat's milk with coconut oil, shea butter, Scottish rapeseed oil and farm grown and foraged botanicals to create small batch, handmade soaps that reflect the seasons and environment here at Gartur. Our farming practices reflect our ethos of regenerative agriculture, with everything grown and gathered in a way that seeks to sequester carbon and be as gentle on the earth as we can possibly make it. 

Goat's milk creates a deeply soothing soap, perfect for people with sensitive skin.  

Our individual soaps sell out almost instantly, but our subscription offers you a way to ensure you have a box of our small batch soaps sent to your door every month.

Each month will contain a different mix of scents.

Your subscription will run until you cancel it. Details of how to do so will be supplied when you order.