Introduction to Poultry Keeping: The Online Course

Chickens and ducks are the gateway farm animal. Gartur started with half a dozen chickens and we haven't been without our own eggs since. Supermarket eggs simply can't compare to those that you have gathered yourself. Their usefulness in egg production is matched both by their comical natures and their fertiliser power!!

Whether you live in the town with a small backgarden or have more space to spread out, chickens are a fantastic addition to your life.  

This course covers the basics of poultry keeping, getting you ready to welcome a flock of ladies into your life in no time.  The course will cover:

  • Ex Battery vs Hybrids vs Pure Bred Chickens
  • Should I buy chicks or full grown hens?
  • Incubating eggs and keeping chicks
  • Other egg laying birds, including ducks, geese and turkeys
  • Do I need a rooster?
  • Introducing New Birds to Your Flock
  • Essential Equipment
  • Housing and Basic Set Up
  • What to Feed My Birds and When
  • Free Ranging vs Keeping in a Run
  • Rotational Grazing
  • Using poultry as part of a regenerative system
  • Common Poultry Ailments and Predators

We also will cover the important aspects of how to dispatch a chicken if it is unwell and how to process chickens for meat. 

This course will be taught through written, video and live-streamed content. We will gather together in an online community via Facebook where you can ask all of your poultry-keeping questions and you will have access to Kevin and Kat who can advise you on setting up your own starter flock.