Home Dairy Day On Farm Workshop - Saturday 11th September 2021 9am-4pm

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By far the biggest step we have taken in making our small holding self sufficient is our investment in dairy animals. First with Dasha our British Saanen milking goat and then with Petunia our Jersey cow, we have been swimming in the richest, tastiest milk we could ever have imagined for the last 5 years. We make our own cheese, yoghurt, butter, soap and homebaking with the carbon capturing power of our grass fed girls. We also utilise their by-products to enhance the other areas of our smallholding, such as feeding BoyBoy our pig and fertilising the garden.

As with all of our courses the day will be very hands on, including learning how to hand milk.

Over the course of the day, we will cover:

  • Choosing, sourcing and managing dairy animals for your smallholding (aka the big Goat vs Cow debate)

  • The logistics of milking and the benefits and drawbacks of calf/kid share!

  • What to do with all of your milk!! In the afternoon, we will learn how to make:

    • Goat’s milk soap

    • Butter

    • Fresh Cheese

    • Yoghurt

You will take home an information pack on managing a home dairy and a soft cheese making kit complete with rennet, culture, cheese cloth, cheese mold and intro to cheesemaking book.

Due to regulations around raw milk in Scotland, we will not be able to take home any raw milk cheeses made on the day, so bought in milk will be used for any take home projects.

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