Highland Beef Silverside Roast

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Perfect for a nice, slow Sunday roast, this 30 day dry aged cut is leaner than a lot of the other roasts. We use ours for pulled beef tacos. And pot roast. And french dip sandwiches.  And, well, we really like a silverside roast.

We started the farm so that we could grow and eat the best quality, ethically raised food we could possibly get. We’ve spent the last 5 years raising meat using regenerative practices that actively work to sequester carbon and with the ultimate care and attention paid to the welfare of the animals we eat. Our beef is raised by our good friends Colin and Angela who have been raising cattle for over 30 years and has supplied restaurants and butchers throughout Scotland. Our beef is completely grass fed and fully traceable. They have been born, raised and processed all here in Central Scotland.

This is the only beef we eat, as we have been so spoiled by it, we simply can’t go back to the supermarket.


Boxes are posted Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We use Puffin Packaging, with completely recycle-able wool lined boxes and ice packs. Parcels are shipped via APC courier next day delivery.