Foraging Walk - Thursday 7th May 11.00am - 1.00pm

After meeting at the farm, we will head straight out into the woods and fields to explore seasonal Scottish wild food. Our walk starts down the hedgerow, were we will look at common hedgerow plants that make excellent additions to the kitchen. Depending on the season, that may be sloes, blackberries, cherries, yarrow, hogweed, plaintain, rosehips, and many more. Before we head into the woods, we will stop at our woodland campsite for a quick cup of coffee, tea or wild herbal infusion, We will then go into the forest to hunt for edible mushrooms. We will cover only those mushrooms that are easily identified and with no close non-edible lookalikes. While in the woods, we will talk about where to forage and the laws around foraging in Scotland.

We won't just cover food uses, on our walk, we will also cover some medicinal herbs and plants that are used for natural dyeing.

We will head back to our farm where we will get to sample a selection of wild food, before we help you pack up your finds and say goodbye.

Presented as part of Foraging Fortnight