Dalefoot Organic Wool Compost

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We are so thrilled to stock compost from Dalefoot Compost in the Lake District. This compost is made from sheep's wool and bracken (a type of fern) that produces some of the most environmentally friendly compost available.  We love it for our veg garden and are so pleased to offer it here in our shop.


From Dalesfoot:

A wool and bracken based peat-free potting compost for vegetables and salads. Made on a traditional hill farm in the Lake District, the compost is 100% sustainable and entirely free of peat, helping with the UK target to reduce all use of peat by amateur gardeners by 2020.

Why use wool?

Well, here are just some of the benefits:

1. High natural levels of potash (potassium) - a major plant nutrient

2. Excellent water retention - ideal for pots, baskets and planters

3. Similar soft texture to peat, making beautifully friable compost

4. Made from totally renewable sources, according to an old gardening recipe

5. Carbon neutral, helping you to garden more sustainably

6. Suitable for all plants, including fruit, vegetables and flowers

The use of peatlands is being phased out. Once cut, this important habitat cannot be replenished in our lifetimes. So we, and all the flora and fauna which depend on it, will lose. This excellent wool and bracken compost, fresh from the hills of the Lake District National Park, offer a superb alternative fertiliser and growing medium for all garden.


The veg compost is 30 litres when packed. 

The seed compost is 12 litres. 

Shipping is £3.50 for up to 2 bags and £7 for 3+ bags for EH and FK postcodes.

For all other postcodes, shipping is £7 for up to 2 bags and £13 for 3+ bags.