How To Set Up Your Small Holding Day Course - Tuesday 3rd August 202110am-4pm

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In the last 6 years, we have learned a lot about smallholding...and we've made a lot of mistakes in that time. We've had goats eat the entire vegetable garden. Sheep that have done their best to die at every opportunity and are currently milking a VERY obstinate cow. 

Over the course of the day, we will look at the practical sides of setting up a smallholding - from the legal requirements, to how we build a small scale profitable croft that feeds ourselves, our community and the land. 

The Course Will Cover

  • Introduction to Smallholding - getting the legal requirements right from the beginning
  • Hands On Smallholding: get hands on with the various animals here at Gartur Stitch and learn about what has worked at what really hasn't
  • All About Sheep: spend time with our mix flock of sheep - Soays, Gotland, Shetland and commercial crosses.  Learn how to handle them and about what needs to be done throughout the year.
  • Intro to Home Dairy: Whether its goats or cows or sheep, we will go over the basics of hand milking and caring for a dairy animal

The course includes a farm to table lunch and our guide to smallholding with all of the notes for your to take away.