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The Homesteader's Annual: Online Course and Community - Gift Bundle!

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Smallholding, homesteading, the good life, living off the land, crofting...whatever you call many of us feel a deep pull to "get back to the land" and start growing your own food. 

The Gartur Stitch Farm School is a community of people who want to roll up their sleeves and get hands on with their lives. Together we are learning traditional skills that fit with modern lives to build a life in the making and turn our households into units of production, rather than units of consumption.

Seven years ago, we rocked up to this corner of the world armed with an armful of books, some suburban gardening experience and a lot of hope and enthusiasm for what we could achieve.  A lot work and many many tears later, we now are about as close to self sufficient as we can be in our wet climate. We made (and continue to make) so many mistakes, but we have learned so much and gained so many valuable skills along the way.

The Homesteader's Annual is the culmination of that knowledge. This bundle of courses, makealongs and supporting content walk you through the various elements of smallholding and homesteading - from keeping poultry, growing a garden, seasonal living and all the way through to making your own cheese, soap and putting up food for winter.  The course includes 10 online courses, 4 seasonal farm tours and an online community to support you in making your homesteading dreams come true.

The course bundle includes:

  • Online Courses
    • Instant Access:
      • Everyday Sourdough Levels 1&2
      • Introduction to Poultry Keeping 
      • Everyday Cheesemaking 
      • Introduction to Fermentation 
      • Introduction to Canning and Preserving 
      • Smallholding Living: Autumn/ Winter
      • Intro to Beekeeping: Part One
      • Soap Making
      • Keeping a Milking Animal
      • The Homestead Garden
    • The Soil Manual - Everything you need to know about regenerating soil, manure and compost to grow food. (coming early 2022)
    • Wild Crafted Homebrew (Coming Feb 2022)
  • Monthly Makealongs (live access and replay) on topics like soapmaking, homebrew, making cheese with pasteurised milk and many more.
  • Monthly recipes, how tos and tutorials that fit within our season here at Gartur.
  • Digital Subscription to Life in the Making Quarterly
  • A 20% dicount on kits and courses.

The courses are hosted on Mighty Networks - a comprehensive platform that allows us to host the community, live sessions and online courses all in one space. You will be sent login details via email when your purchase is complete

 This listing is best used for gifting.  

You can also buy a monthly membership to the community here. 


Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has dreamed of wandering out back with a basket and collecting their dinner or opening their fridge filled with their own milks and cheeses or having their shelves stocked with preserved harvests.  

Its for people who want to turn their households into units of production, rather than consumption and want to live deeply in tune with the seasons. 

It is for people who are curious about how other folks live and want a right ol' nosey into the lives of a family who are homesteading on the edge of the Highlands. 


Do I need to live on a homestead/smallholding in the UK?

Not at all.  Smallholding is a mentality and many of the skills you learn through our courses are applicable wherever you find yourself. It's also a great educational opportunity to see how other people live.  Our courses offer you a real glimpse into our lives as small farmers - nothing airbrushed or idealised. There will be mess, dogs barking, children everywhere...and a lot of poo!!

Though at times we will speak to specifics of the Scottish climate, landscape and legal system around agriculture, everything else should be applicable wherever you are. 

Who is leading the course?

Most of the courses will be led by Kat and Kevin. However, we are lucky to be able to pull in a cast of extremely skilled neighbours, friends and staff for input.

Kerstin Grieve of Hens and a Garden who will be sharing her story of more urban homesteading.

Jim Riach of Trossachs Biking and Bushcraft and master beekeeper, will be leading our Beekeeping course and content. 

How much does it cost?

The Homesteader’s Annual is available on either a monthly, or annual subscription basis.  The monthly subscription is £35 and you are able to cancel your subscription at any time.  The annual subscription is a one-off payment of £360 and will not be auto-renewed at the end of the 12 month period, unless of course you would like to continue your subscription. 

Also, for every 10 subscriptions sold we will offer a free subscription to people from marginalised communities.

How Long Will I Have Access to the Courses and other Content?

You will have access to the individual online courses, make alongs and the Homesteader’s Annual community and  other resources for the length of your subscription. If you have already purchased individual courses before subscribing to the Homesteader’s Annual, you will retain lifetime access to these courses.

I already own some of these courses, do I need to pay for them again?

If you already own some of the courses you will not have to pay for these again.  The benefit of purchasing individual courses is that you retain lifetime access to these courses.


Buying the Homesteader's Annual as a gift?

There are two gift options available.
Our pdf gift voucher is available at no extra cost. On completion of your purchase, you will receive an email from our automated system. The attached pdf can be printed out and included in your gift.
Alternatively, you can upgrade your purchase to a gift bundle - our illustrated notecards, a Gartur Stitch Farm mug, the Wild Kitchen booklet, a Gartur Stitch Farm bread bag and a gift voucher containing details of how to join the course, will be sent to you, or direct to your recipient if you prefer.