Handmade Christmas Kit and Online Course

Kit Included?

For as long as we’ve lived here, our favourite tradition is putting together handmade hampers as Christmas gifts for our loved ones. From fruit liqueurs, handmade salves, wreaths, hand poured candles and a range of jams and jellies have all featured in our hamper (alongside a homegrown chicken and a dozen of our eggs).

In this course, we share our best recipes and all the tips and tricks we’ve found for making the holiday season that little bit more special.

We will start with the gifts that take a bit longer to make and then move on to some that you can make and have ready on the day. 

Lesson One: Gifts for Foodies

  • Homemade Flavour Extracts
  • Homemade Vegetable Stock
  • Pineapple Vinegar
  • Homemade Hot Sauce

Lesson Two: For The Home

  • Spooncarving (includes the pop-out Spooncarving course as well as a downloadable PDF of the login so you can pass the course on as a gift itself!)
  • Herb Infused Candles
  • Calendula Salve
  • Cold Process Soap

Lesson Three: For the Belly

  • Recipes and ideas for a Christmas cookie plate for your neighbours
  • A chocolate Christmas Star
  • Orange and Chocolate Panetonne + DIY candied peel

Lesson Four: Natural Decorating and Last Minute Gifts

  • Handmade Wreath
  • "Real" Vintage Trees
  • Branch Candle Holders
  • Christmas Star
  • Chai Tea

At the end of the course, your handmade Christmas gift giving well and truly underway.


Materials can be purchased as a kit:

It includes:

  • candle wicks
  • a selection of amber jars for salve and candle making
  • 500g soya wax
  • 2x spoon blanks for carving
  • tea bags
  • florists wire
  • pannetone cases
  • osmotolerant yeast
  • cold processed soap mould

    Due to ‘Hazardous Goods’ restrictions we are not able to post lye (caustic soda) in our kits which is required for soap making. Instead please note that you will need to order approximately 100g of lye from The Soap Kitchen -

    Your kit will be dispatched within 5 to 7 working days. Online course details will be emailed immediately after purchase.