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An Introduction to Beekeeping: The Online Course

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There is no other creature on our farm that contributes as much as our bees do.  From pollinating our plants, making honey and wax to being just a joy to behold, bees have been the single greatest investment we have made to the health and wellbeing of the farm.

Keeping bees isn't as simple as just putting them in their hive and letting them do their thing.  Bees require help and maintenance to thrive. 
In this online course, we cover the basics of keeping bees.
We will cover:

  • Personal protection equipment and other requirements for beekeeping
  • Basic Hive Inspection and FEDSS food, eggs, disease, space, swarming
  • Harvesting Honey - fitting clearing board
  • Feeding Bees
  • Where to place your hive
  • Swarm management

Due to the nature of beekeeping this course was recorded seasonally, with the first batch of lessons going live on November 17th 2020 and additional material released in March and June 2021 to talk about what to do with your hive at those times of year. 

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