Kid Goat Meat Box

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For the first time, we are offering some of our own meat for sale to the general public.

We started the farm so that we could grow and eat the best quality, ethically raised food we could possibly get. We’ve spent the last 5 years setting up a system of regenerative practices that not only grow amazing meat, but help sequester carbon, with the ultimate care and attention paid to the welfare of the animals we eat. Animals who enter our meat sales have never been treated with antibiotics and are pasture raised, execpt for a small daily ration of organic feed to train them to come when called.

We sell a very limited amount of goat meat every year. We breed goats for our home dairy and excess kids go for meat. We only breed one or two goats a year, so there is only a small amount of goat meat available at a time.

I know that goat meat is usually associated with curry and while that is delicious, kid goat is tasty however you want to serve it. We like goat roasts with preserved lemons or goat chops with smoked paprika.

Each Pack contains:

- 7-8 chops

- 1x aprox 1kg roast (either boned shoulder or leg)

- 1x 200g Goat Flank (for slow cooking)


Boxes are posted Tuesday and Wednesday. We use Puffin Packaging, with completely recycle-able wool lined boxes and ice packs. Parcels are shipped via DPD courier next day delivery.

*please note that while we meet all organic requirements, we are NOT certified organic.