Individual Soay Roasts

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We started the farm so that we could grow and eat the best quality, ethically raised food we could possibly get. We’ve spent the last 5 years learning the process of raising meat to organic standards*, with the ultimate care and attention paid to the welfare of the animals we eat.

We have a special place in our hearts for our herd of Soay sheep. Wild, skittish and more deer like than their fluffy commercial counterparts, Soays form the backbone of our regenerative farming practices here at Gartur. None of the animals have ever been treated with antibiotics and live completely on pasture except for a small amount of organic hard feed we give them daily to help them be a little less skittish.

Soay tastes very different to other lamb and mutton you have eaten before. It is a much leaner meat, closer in taste to venison than it is to supermarket lamb. I am not at all a fan of lamb, but I love soay. Our meat is classed as hogget - older than lamb, but younger than mutton.

We are offering boneless leg and boneless shoulders. Perfect for celebrations this holiday season.



You can choose a 1-2kg (feeds 2 people, with leftovers), 2-3kg (feeds 4) or a 3+kg roast (feeds 6-8). Parcels are sent Monday - Wednesday via APC in WoolCool insulated boxes.


*please note that while we meet all organic requirements, we are NOT certified organic.