Ordering a Sourdough Kit as a Gift - Our Tips

I know we are utterly and completely biased, but our sourdough bread making kits make an excellent gift, whatever the reason.  They include everything you need to get going in making sourdough baking and your recipient will be churning out homemade bread in no time. 

We often get asked about the best way to handle the live starter for gift giving.  Especially during busy periods, it can be a bit risky to leave a parcel at the mercy of an overflowing postal system so you don't want to order too late.  Equally, not everyone is keen to take the responsibility of a starter while the parcel sits under a tree for weeks on end.

Before the kits leave the farm, Mildred the sourdough starter is well-fed in advance of her travels.  Keep her in a cool place and she will be fine for at least 2 weeks left completely alone. As long as she's fed again before you bake (don't worry, all the instructions are in the kit), your recipient shouldn't have any problems getting her going again. If you are ordering further in advance, simply grab the starter and the jar out of the kit and give it a feed once or twice before the big day (and take a bit for your own sourdough baking!) and store the jar in the fridge. 

However, if you want to order further in advance just to be sure, you can order a kit without a starter.  Our instruction booklet comes with the full instructions for getting your starter going so they can start from scratch. It's easy and they should be up and baking in a week. 

As with all of our sourdough baking kits and supplies, our starters come with first aid support. Check out our info on maintaining a starter and if that still doesn't work, we are happy to talk you through what to do.  Just drop us an email. 

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