For the Love of Yarn - a Giveaway

The knock on the door sets off the anticipation as I hear the children rush to meet the post man at the door. Expectations grow and I can only hope the package I am waiting for has arrived. The children clamber the stairs in fits of excitement over who is going to bring me my parcel and then there it yarn. As exciting as envisaging a design is, there is something about the moment the perfect yarn arrives into the studio, that awful worry as you rip into the packaging that the texture or the colour will be wrong, that the quality won’t be right or that the relationship is about to get off to a rocky or uncertain start. There is no question that working with yarn is the best part of the job.  Its the best excuse in the world to hoard more wool than I will ever be able to knit or crochet. Even without a design or project in mind, yarn can be bought for "research" and that is as good excuse as any. I have to admit to having favourites. Alpaca anything usually tops my list.  Just this evening I finally cracked open Libby Summers' pack of Fine Aran mini balls (for sale here, on the left half way down the page) and it is just divine.  I also just finished a project in Jeannette Sloan's Silk Alpaca 4ply and wowee - also amazing. If you have read any of the posts on Crochet Camp, you will that I am not alone.  Crochet (and knitting) could well be the gateway drug to a yarn addiction. To help your stash along, Deramores has kindly donated a pack of their new Baby DK to giveaway.  All you need to do its tell me - how much yarn do you have...really (not just the amount you tell people about). ;) Details: - Competition open worldwide. - Winner will be chosen at random. - No members of the Slugs household are eligible. (Sorry Kev, I know you wanted more yarn) - Competition closes at 9pm BST 3rd August 2013. (hey - did you see that the magazine giveaway has now closed?  Even if you didn't win, Simply Crochet is offering a great deal for Crochet Campers - 3 issues for £1 check out the details here.)

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